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Marijuana, cannabis, pot, and hemp refer to a class of stocks related to the research, development, distribution, and sale of medical and recreational cannabis. There are so many penny stock promoters, advisers, websites, and books on cannabis stocks that it can be very confusing which companies are going to succeed in this new and growing industry. Many cannabis companies are racking up big losses in order to invest in infrastructure for future revenue growth. Pot Stock Daily brings together information and news from many sources to help you in your search to find those pot stocks that are destined to survive and thrive, and avoid those that are most likely to fail. It is easy to lose money and hard to make it in the investment world. Armed with the latest news, articles, and data you will be better prepared to invest wisely in this fast growing industry.

Many marijuana stocks are small, highly speculative penny stocks in their development stage. Some of these marijuana penny stocks have no revenue at all. Beware of stocks found on the OTC pink sheets that have little or no information published for investors to analyze. For more information on penny stocks see Penny Stock Geek.

Investors need to recognize that investing in securities is risky and could result in a complete loss of funds. We do recommend any of the companies listed on this website or any website with which we are associated. We only offer news and information. It is important that you do careful research before investing. It is always wise to seek the advice of a licensed financial professional before you invest.

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